Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy Cabs, Serial Killers and 6 Months of Love

Afternoon my faithful followers (all 3 of you),

I'm back at work (bleck) doing exactly the opposite of what I get paid to do strictly for your entertainment. (Who am I kidding? It's mostly just to amuse myself and aid in the pre-emminent Alzheimer's that is sure to accompany my latter years in life. But I digress...)

Anyhoodle. The weekend was probably an 8.5.

It went down a little something like this....

  • Drinks/sushi with the Boo, O-face and Boo's brother for aforementioned Baby Bro's bday at one of my favoritest restaurants ever (read:tipsy)
  • Drinks with all of the above plus about 6 more at new bar (read: drunk)
  • The world's most ridiculous and immigrant inspired cab ride in which me, the Boo and 8 of our closest, drunkest friends piled into one cab. Yes, one. Plus the driver. All with beers in tow. We're classy. For those of you who don't know, I'm 5'9" and the Boo is 6'5" so the whole me-sitting-on-his-lap-for-a-15-minute-bumpy-Mario-Andredi-esque cab ride was just not all that comfortable. I don't recommend it. (read: drunk and uncomfortable)
  • Arrive at destination and pour out of cab. Stumble into club looking a little less classy than before. Obtain appropriately strong poured drinks. Head to dance floor. (read: drunk and happy)
  • Lose all recollection of time and half of friends. Dance/shake/wiggle in an attempt to keep the good times rolling despite the fact that my fabulous shoes are now killing my feet, sweat is pouring down my face, and there are about one multitude too many people packed into this freakin club to even move. (read: thoroughly inebriated)
  • The rest is kind of a blur so I'll fill in what I've been told happened. Left club (in cab...yay us! So responsible and grown up. Ha!) Obtain more alcohol and pizza (the cure for extreme annihalation. Clearly.) Eat, drink, chat it up at friends'. Drive home (tisk tisk Boo). And then I have no idea what happened but apparently I got bratty and indignant and somehow that landed me right on the couch. Go figure.
  • Saturday - Repentance and reconcilliation for whatever caused the couch snooze. (Still not so sure either one of us knows.) And of course, recovery.

SIDE NOTE: I also managed to be quasi-productive that day (go figure) and took my little hungover ass to Borders where I picked up this little gem. And no, I'm not crazy. It's actually a very interesting and in-depth book which I first read at Little Sis's recommendation. I suggest anyone in need of a new read pick it up. It's great and I'm loving the new purchase. Moving on.

  • Sunday - BIG 6 MONTH ANNIVERARY WITH THE BOO!! Actually it wasn't really all that big. We did the brunch thing and looked at Halloween costumes. Then kinda lounged around all day watching football, sipping beer and ordering Chinese. The Boo says 6 months isn't really a big anniversary (according to him, just the annual ones are) and I get it. I mean, as a girl it's natural to want to celebrate every "1-month-since-the-first-time-we-held-hands" and "18-weeks-since-our-first-real-date" and "4-months-since-our-first-non-alcohol-induced-kiss". But 6 months is like half of a year so I thought it kinda counted. Oh well, we're heading to Ohio to see (and in my case meet. EEK!) his dad's family and go to the big Ohio State/Penn State game so that's essentially our present. And don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just happy I've gotten to be with him for the last 6 months. That's all I need. Ok bleck. Gross. Enough of the sweet stuff. I'm done.

So that was pretty much our weekend. Oh and can't believe I forgot. The Rays made it to the MOTHER EFFING WORLD SERIES!!!!! Holy crap! We stayed up last night to watch it and I must say it was pretty exciting and I may or may not have jump/screamed/cried in elation when Iwamura made the final out. May or may not.

And now I leave you with this little treasure of hilarity I found over the weekend. Happy Monday, bitches!


LittleMissObsessive said...

OH SHIT...I'd be pissed if that were my wedding..and I'm sad I missed out on all this drunkeness!

Courtney said...

Oh geez that would absolutely suck! Knock on wood that doesn't happen at my wedding.

And I agree on the girlishness counting days thing... I try to restrain myself as much as possible, but overall I'd say I'm pretty good. Today actually happens to be my 1 year 5 month anniversary with my bf! (Not that I'm counting.)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Congrats on your anniversary! For the record, I agree that 6 months is a big deal!

Can't wait to read more of your blog!


Peter said...

aid in the pre-emminent Alzheimer's that is sure to accompany my latter years in life.

Man, I really should be blogging about more personal stuff.

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