Friday, October 31, 2008

My Fear of the Dark Forces Me to Boycott Halloween Every Year

Happy Halloween all!!

The Boo forgot his E.T. costume in Ohio so we're not dressing up this year.

(I'll pause momentarily so you can all digest the idea of the Boo in an E.T. costume. Hilarious and possibly humiliating. For me of course. Not him. Such a shame we couldn't see that to fruition.)

I'm kinda bummed but not really cause costumes never seem to turn out for me. They're always adorable and cute in my head but the minute I put it on I suddenly look like some overgrown beached whale obviously in need of some obligatory, sympathetic "Poor girl. She has no business in that outfit. At all" looks. Which I don't much look forward to so I try to refrain all together.

(Ok. Side note. I'm not a beached whale. That's a bit of an exaggeration. And in case you haven't noticed, I have a tendency to embellish. A flair for the dramatic, if you will.)

But regardless, costumes just don't look as "sexy" and "cute" on me as they do on the 100 lb anorexics on the website.

So I'm all too happy to boycott once again this year.

Instead, The Boo and I have decided to go to a nice upscale restaurant for cocktails and appetizers to celebrate (not only Halloween but also) his most recent exam grade (which, if I might add, was yet another A. The man is a genius. I kid you not. Although I must take some credit for all things written. I think he's realized I might be slightly better at it then he is and has exploited it nicely somewhat to his advantage. But all that aside. He's a brilliant man so he deserves a nice night out.)

This being said, I'm sure my next post will be a half-hazard composition of hazy, discombobulated "facts" comprising yet another drunken and dramatic night.

Bet ya can't wait, huh?

Be safe kids and have a Happy Halloween!!


The Odd Duck said...

Hearing about exam grades just made me more anxious to hear how I did on mine. Have fun tonight and be sure to have drunken shenanigans to share with us tomorrow. Happy Halloween!

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