Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Good Laugh or Two

People never cease to amaze me. This is simply indescribable. Truly beyond words. Watch and tell me I'm wrong.

How great is that keyboardist?? And those moves? Homegirl's got it going on! I could go on but I think you get the jist.

And in case that wasn't enough, check this out. Donald can FLOW.
Also, note the impeccable wardrobe choice. Timeless and haunting at the same time.

Finally, in case you haven't seen this yet and are in need of a good laugh this is sure to do you some good. This video literally leaves me HOWLING every time. I'm talking tears running down my face, gasping for air, stomach muscles burning kinda laugh. Watch the whole thing because it really gets good around 2:10. Trust me. God, I love this girl.

A more substantial post tomorrow. Maybe.


Courtney said...

Not even gonna lie, when I first started watching that last video I was thinking to myself "Hmm I don't get it, she might be crazy." And then, the table started to creak. And then it happened. And then I literally put my ass on the floor I tipped out of my chair I busted out laughing SOO hard it took me a solid minute at least to regain enough control and wipe the tears away so I could rewind and watch it AGAIN! Soooo funny omg THANK YOU for this!!!

LittleMissObsessive said...

I love that wipeout video, I feel exactly the same. I just wish we could have watched it together!

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