Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Less Than Three Britney

With her new CD hitting stores yesterday and her highly acclaimed documentary airing just days before, Britney Spears seems to be everywhere right now.

Whoever would have thought Hollywood would be gracious enough to allow someone TWO chances at a comeback?? I mean really? That seems very generous in a town that predicates itself on perfectionism personified (like the alliteration?) and revels in the detriment it causes to one’s character and their subsequent demise because of it. Usually we all get a good laugh and then once it’s over you get maybe one chance to come back…if you’re lucky. But two, well you must be pretty damn special to merit that.

And pretty damn special she is. I really do adore the girl and I think it’s because a large part of me can sympathize with her

(I mean minus the whole shaving my hair off attacking the Paps with an umbrella walking thru crusty gas station bathrooms barefoot thing).

She’s been around since my TRL days. I’ve watched her grow up (and grown up with her). Her songs resonate throughout my youth, reminding me of a different place in my life with each varied syncopated melody and catchy lyric (and, of course, accompanying dance moves. Lest we forget.)

I’ve been happy when she succeeded, embarrassed when she effed up, pissed when she couldn’t pull her shit together, and finally hopeful that it’s all starting to look up for her. Again.

With so much Britney on the brain, I set my iPod to all things Ms. Spears as I set out for my run this morning and let me tell you, I was able to do a full hour of non-stop hits before the tunes ran out and the run concluded.

(There were even a few I skipped over in lieu of other up-tempo classics. Gasp. I know.)

So in honor of the pop princess I’ve decided to compile my own completely biased, completely unofficial list of Britney’s top 10 songs. (P.S. Alot of the videos were embed disabled so I just linked it. KTHNXPREESH.)

10. Crazy – I loved this song when I was in middle school. I loved the shiny green cut off shirt and crimped hair. Of course, the chair dance is classic. And the way she did the juvenile-ish head bob throughout the majority of the close up shots. Oh and the cameo from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is completely arbitrary and wonderful.

9. Sometimes – Another cut off shirt and some seriously kick ass choreography for a slower-ish song makes this number 9.

Sometimes video

8. Lucky – Something about this little diddy just makes me smile. I think mostly because it’s so not a Britney song (and possibly because she says “doe” as in “door” in the first verse.) Either way, I definitely used to sing my little heart out to this song back in the day. (Who am I kidding? I sang it today.)


7. Me Against The Music – LOVE the outfit, the beat, the severely ridiculous choreography once again. This song reminds me of my days as a sales associate at Wet Seal (yea, yea, get your laughs in now) when me and my sisturkey (aka bff #2) would literally do ALL of the choreography FULL out in the middle of the store regardless of if there were customers around or not. Yea, we had a great work ethic and clearly knew how to conduct ourselves in the workplace.

6. Stronger – Before we had Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone, we had this. Women everywhere would, and surely still do, sing this anthem out at the top of their lungs to every worthless, lying, no good son of B. Gotta love Britney. She’s such a proponent of independence. And again, another chair dance. All of which, makes this number 6.

5. Womanizer – Her newest hit has really solidified her comeback. This one is for real, people. Her body looks ridiculous, the poppy lyrics and sound that get stuck in your head all day are most certainly there. Looks like the road to reestablishment is paved.

4. Piece of Me – This one showed us that she could venture another comeback and I think the awards speak for themselves. I was so happy for her when I heard this song. She finally told everyone to just F off and leave her alone. Finally. It was about damn time.

Piece of me video

3. Hit Me…Baby One More Time – Ah the first single. The cute little pig tails, the not so innocent school girl outfit that looks like she should be working a street corner rather than doodling away in a freshman Biology class. Who cares. I definitely remember some cheerleading moves in this video. (Ah, there goes a round off. And was that just a herky?)


2. Oops!...I Did It Again – Albeit the red patent leather suit is a bit much, I heart this song borderline inappropriately. It is Britney at her finest. Even with the cheesy Titanic voiceover and all.


1. Slave 4 U – Of course, I saved the best for last. Although the video does seem to promote mass orgies, copious amounts of bodily fluids and unprotected sex, it still remains the greatest. Everything Britney is epitomized in this song and you can bet your sweet ass I still know every dance move. Watch the video and see if you can keep up.

Slave 4 U video


JD said...

Here's my list (in no particular order except that SLAVE 4 U is the best song EVER)

Overprotected - I have the Britney's Dance Beat Video Game and this song is on it. LOVESIT.
Born to Make U Happy - She does this calypso dance thing to this song during her Britney in Hawaii Special... yeah, I have that video, too...

I'm Not a Girl (not Yet a Woman): Mainly because I want to BE her in that video. She had the most rockin bod and I am totally jealous.

Toxic: Such a good dance song...

U Drive Me Crazy: A guy friend of mine in college and I made up a dance to this (a very literal dance) and I love the STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! part.

Lucky: I like how she says "Lucky" in the beginning .

Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know:

Gimme More: I like to dance to this song using a hat as a prop like in the video. Hehehe.

Womanizer: You call me crazy? I got your crazy? Haha best line in a Britney song hands down!

Slave 4 U: BEST.SONG.EVER. I even dressed up as Britney@ MTV music awards this Halloween...

Courtney said...

Wow I love you for loving Britney just as much as I do. I feel like I (and apparently a lot of other people) have been closet Britney fans for so long now, when it was practically inappropriate to love her when she was shaving her head and neglecting her kids, or whatever it was she was doing. It's so awesome she's back and I don't feel like such a nerd for bustin out my Baby One More Time CD and *proudly* sporting my Curious perfume :)

LittleMissObsessive said...

Her first cd is the best I think..I have it somewhere..

Akirah said...

I'm glad there are others out there that love her as much as I do. In the Zone is my favoritest.

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