Monday, January 26, 2009

The One Where I Start Work It Out Weekends

As mentioned earlier, I have a few things in the works for this week. Some of which will be new themes implemented on my blog on a weekly/monthly basis. (Can you feel the anticipation pulsing in the air?)

Basically I’m jumpin on board with some creative shit other bloggers came up with. Sue me.

The first of which is…

I originally saw this on Ashley’s page (cleverblognamehere) but I think the credit goes to our friendly neighborhood wishcake for coming up with such a great idea.

The objective here (or from what I can gather) is that once a week (weekend-ish) you post a blog about your health and fitness goals. Areas where you failed, places you succeeded, motivation you used, playlists you’re trying out, you get the point. The idea is that blogging about it on a regular basis gives you more of a sense of accountability and thus (should) prove as motivation to keep up the hard work and see the results you want.

Now then…let’s get to the good stuff shall we?


-Ran 3 times this week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) increasing my sprinting times with each day. Despite the fact that I finished each time wheezing like a wounded hippo I pressed on which has made me stronger and given me more stamina. Woo hoo!!

-Practiced Budokon 2 times this week (Tuesday and Saturday). If you’ve never heard of it, Budokon is a mixture of yoga, martial arts, and meditation progressing in that order to make you sweat like a whore in the house of God. Seriously got my ass kicked here but it was worth it.

-Created and finished a customized 30 minute workout on to target my abs, arms, legs, and chest (so basically everything) on Thursday. Definitely woke up sore as a mother and cursing the heavens after this one. But again, worth it. (BTW: If you’re trying to lose weight or just into fitness, you should definitely check out fitnessmagazine online. It’s got some great articles, tips, exercises, free videos, recipes, and everything you could ever think of relating to health and fitness. Plus did I mention it’s FREE!! Get on that shit!)

-Drank the 8 8oz glasses of water a day (or more). Ate all meals (but 2) at home with lots of fresh produce, brown grains, and lean protein.


-Didn’t take ONE of my vitamins all week. UGH. I think I avoid this because I have like 5 different ones to take and they’re all the size of horse pills and golf balls soooo not fun. I need to just invest in a multi vitamin already.

-Drank wayyyy too much alcohol. I’m talking belligerent here, people (but then again that’s pretty much a given on date night.) The only plus side here is that I’ve switched to grape vodka sodas or red wine ONLY instead of my copious amounts of whiskey and coke. So I guess the headaches not so bad the next day. What? That’s not redeeming enough for you? Well piss off. I’m trying.

-Smoked 3 cigarettes. I know, I know, I KNOW. Disgusting, counter-productive to weight loss, disgusting. I get it. No need for the lecture.

-Sipped chocolate milk straight out of the jug 3 times. (I am such a dude.) But blame it on the Boo. He came home with 2 half gallons of the sugary goodness and then didn’t even touch them. Even as they crept closer and closer to their expiration date he just let them sit there. Right on the shelf, precariously placed right next to my water bottle and my Slim Fasts. Just begging to be opened and enjoyed. And well, I gave in. Damnit!!! Must. Eliminate. Immediately.

Also, as many of you know, I do my weekly weigh in on Sunday mornings and I’m happy to report that I’ve dropped another FOUR POUNDS!!! WOO HOO!!!!

The Boo’s been calling me “Lean Cuisine” for the last few days and for the first time, I didn’t scoff at him. This bitch is getting her ass in shape even if it kills her (read: even if I have to sweat like a wildebeest and forego the chocolate milk.)

How did you guys do this week??


Emmie said...

heyy I dont think your doing too bad actually! 1st week with it and all! Lots of luck! x

Jessica said...

Way to go. I may have to start doing this myself to keep myself accountable. I'm trying to lose weight myself and need to get my butt moving. I'll check out that website you mentioned!

Wendy said...

Way to go, Emily!! I should totally do this because I eat SO much junk, it's disgusting.

Kelly Marie said...

4 pounds!!!!!!! Way to go!!!! That is amazing! I'm on my last 5 lbs. for WW so they are creeping off ounce by ounce! I never get all 8 of my glasses of H20 because my co-workers say I pee too much as it is! I go get my other GHG's...fruits/veggies/etc. Keep up the good work! You totally motivated me to exercise more...I'm slackin!

Emily said...

emmie - thanks so much but actually while this is only my first week participating in work it out weekends (ie blogging about it) i have been doing the workout/healthy eating/weight loss thing since december. sooo i'm doing better now than i was my 1st week for sure. i was a hot mess then! lol

jessica - yea, definitely check out the website. i'm so addicted to it because it's fun, informative and it gets my ass moving. let me know what ya think of it!!

wendy - junk food is totally my weakness so it's hard to give it up. usually if i absolutely HAVE to have something that tastes "junky" i'll do a lower cal, lower sugar version and only do one a day. like i have an extreme penchant for ice cream, so every other night i'll eat one weight watchers cookies and cream ice cream bar and it satisfies the craving so i don't screw it up later on.

kelly marie - hell yea!! way to go to you too missy. just 5 lbs left to lose?? that's awesome. my dad did weight watchers as well a couple years ago and he lost 60+ pounds fairly quickly so i know you can beat those last 5. just stay positive and motivated and it will happen before you know it!

Princess Mina said...

I just had to say thanks for the link to Fitness Mag! I'm not trying to lose but I am trying to tone...I want amazing abs girl! Anyway, the workout plan is awesome. Thanks Emily!

Bridget Marie said...

Too cute. Love the idea -- I might try it, however my Wii Fit may not like me throwing it under the bus like that... ; - )

More power to you for sticking with it!

SuzANNE said...

Wow this is so motivating! I get out of work early today and all I keep thinking is can't wait to get to my gym! Congrats on your highs and good luck with your lows!

Leah said...

Keep up the great work!!! I think this is a great idea. Have you ever tried to do a Triathlon? Its the best feeling EVER!! I did one two years ago. You should try it. I did the Danskin its all women. 1/2 mile swim, 12.5 bike ride and i think 3 miles walk/run.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

one of the things i was to improve besides working out obvy is regularly taking my vitamins.

no matter where i put them to remind myself i never take them. ugh.

So@24 said...

Chugging chocolate milk from the jug is a bad thing?

I'd give you cool kid points

Christina said...

Wow, what a great idea :) I do hope that will bring the motivation I need to start working out again. I'm one who starts, gets into it, and then stops (I believe out of laziness and tiredness from work...)

I will try that out and see what happens. I'm actually starting my workout tomorrow evening ;)

Emily said...

princess mina - i hear ya, girl. they have a great program on there to get "sexy abs" in 6 weeks...or something like that. you should check it out!! and best of luck!!

bridget marie - augh no! don't put your wii fit aside...just incorporate it into your return. i've always wanted to try it cause i've heard such good things about it but the boo and i got a ps3 instead of the wii so wii fit and pony tailed instructor man for me.

suzanne - thanks so much. good luck with the workout. let me know how it goes!!

leah - oh good god. just the thought of a triathalon scares the shit out of me. but maybe one day. you're a much better woman than i to be able to finish one. mad props for that, yo.

alexa - i know right?? i even bought one of those stupid pill boxes for each day and i STILL don't take them. they're so icky. ugh

so@24 - why thank you but unfortunately my ass doesn't think it's so cool. waaa

christina - awesome. glad i could be of some motivation to you. you should try doing the work it out weekends as well and let us all know how it works out!!

Dream Weaver said...

props to you on working out! sounds like a awesome plan you got going... I just paid for a new fitness membership last week. It's been a while. you're also doing well with vitamins. I missed 4 last week... so technically I wasn't really taking them? have a good week =]

insomniaclolita said...

Thats a good achievement, keep the spirit up girl :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ma'am and keep up the good work!

As for where you think you failed, it's not so much about going cold turkey as weaning yourself off things that you know are unhealthy for you.

Emily said...

dream weaver - get it girl!! i wish i could afford a gym membership but unfortunately that's not exactly in the budget right now. just gotta stick to the outdoor tracks and parks for now. good luck with your workouts!

insomniac lolita - thanks love!! :]

odd duck - i know..and i keep telling myself that too. i try not to focus too much on the failures and beat myself up over them. instead, i just try to focus on why i did it and how i can learn from it in the future.

Frankly, Scarlett said...

I LOVE THIS POST! And i'm definitely going to start!!!

TOPolk said...

A life without chocolate milk is not a life I want to live.

And right out of the jug? Damn what anyone else says, that's classy.

Anonymous said...

You actually plan to take vitamins!?!? I'm impressed. I've bought them multiple times and the bottle just sits there, completely untouched! I think you're doing pretty well. ;)

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