Monday, April 13, 2009

I Got Keeeeys Comin From Over Seas. Cost a *&#*! 200 Gs!

Because I’m feeling decidedly uninspired and slightly exhausted from staring at a blank Word document with a blinking cursor, you bitches are getting bullet points.

Deal with it.

-Friday was a pretty glorious day. Packed a few more Tampon boxes worth of crap we have to move…in 17 days!!! Time is flying.

-Went to Lowes and acted like an old married couple. Adorable.

-Manipulated Sweet-talked the Boo into a couple Happy Hour drinks and appetizers at Bar Louie. Anywhere you can get out with 8 Blue Moons and an appetizer of delicious pretzel sticks with 3 dipping sauces PLUS tip for $34 is pretty awesome by my book. Nay?

-Drunkenly watched a couple episodes of The Wire at home with the Boo. (I’ve managed to convince him that we should spend 2 hours every week dedicated to watching each other’s favorite TV series. His pick: The Wire. Mine? Sex and the City. DUH!!! And guess what?? He frickin loves it. [Cue evil laughter and drumming of fingertips beneath chin])

-Saturday did a little cleaning (read: made the bed and emptied the 4 plates in the dishwasher) and then decided we should be rewarded for our hard work with some delicious crab legs and beer at the greatest seafood joint this side of the Mississippi…The Crab Shack in St. Pete. And wouldn’t you know, us crazy fools didn’t discover it till 2 weeks before we move away forever. Story of my life.

-Drinks and Facebook harassment to everyone on someone else’s friend’s list = nonstop hilarity (and an unwanted Facebook page in the morning. The Boo finally gave in and made one in his drunken stupor. [Cue evil laughter and drumming of fingertips beneath chin again])

-Spent all of Easter Sunday in bed watching the Master’s AND witnessing the most checking of a Facebook page I have ever witnessed in one day. I think he may have a problem.

How was your weekend? And what’s your favorite Sex and the City episode? (I have a feeling after this post the Boo will try and buck the system to salvage his masculinity but I need to reassure him there are good things ahead. Which, hello?? There SO are. It’s SATC for Christ’s sake.)


Jenn said...

haha that is too funny! glad you had a good weekend - and facebook is the devil. funny enough, my favorite episodes of sex and the city are the last 2 (part I and II). the whole paris thing, and the music and her CLOTHES are to die for. after that - probably the post-it note breakup. :)

Matt said...

OK. I lvoe this post... because you started off with a tupac song...

then you watched The Wire? That is my favorite tv show/series of all time.

Avon is the man!

Lil' Woman said...

Girl you are too much, I was suprised when Big Man actually sat and watched SATC with me, he liked it too..

How exciting, I'm moving the same week you are (that tuesday)..craziness.

Anonymous said...

Bar Louie is so good. Their tator tots have changed my life! = )

Kylie said...

Love the title!! Makes me want to steal Hubby's iPod!! I cannot get him to make a FB page! He rarely checks his MySpace so, I guess it doesn't really matter. He would never check his FB either! Oh, well!!

Anonymous said...

Pick just one SATC episode? Impossible!!

LiLu said...

It's a bullet point kinda Monday. Don't apologize.

I just finished Season 4 of the Wire yesterday... I'm so sad there's only one left! It's honestly the best dramatic show EVER, I think. I freaking love Omar!

Margarita said...

I really like the "Change of Dress" episode, the episode with Charlotte obsessed with the rabbit, "Plus one is the loneliest number", and everything from season 6 part 2.
God there's so many more. I love all of them!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch SATC which probably just took away some of my feminine points but it's not because I don't like it. I just don't watch it.

PS, Heads up, my blog is gone again. If you want to know the details, shoot me an email. I'll still be reading, commenting, and tweeting though.

insomniaclolita said...

You get a man to love sex and the city? You're a superhero.

Shannon said...

We watched the Master's on Sunday too, with my dad. First time I've ever watched it, ever. It was pretty fun.

Danielle said...

Oh how I wish my hubs liked S&TC! I can't pick just one fav episode... though I was pretty partial to Aidan...and Miranda and Steve. My hubby also checks Facebook a million times a day. He's worse than me!

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