Friday, January 22, 2010

Do You Like to Do It Yourself?

(Mad props to anyone who can name that movie.)

In today’s day and age the engaged gal is constantly inundated with hoards of inspiration. From wedding blogs to inspiration boards, magazines to bridal showcases, Say Yes to the Dress and Platinum Weddings (yes, I’m even more fanatical about these shows now that I’m actually planning a wedding) it’s everywhere. And it seems that the running trend these days is personalization. Designing, creating, and perfecting every detail of your wedding with DIY flair is so gorgeous and inspiring that my delusional little brain has gone and most likely overcompensated for what I believe to be crafty skills and proudly proclaimed that I will be a DIY bride extraordinaire.

“Don’t you just love at the beginning […] when you can say things like that and almost actually believe them?”

(Super mad props if you can name that show and character. Seriously. We could be BFF.)

Now granted my crafty nature is mostly more of a self proclaimed attribute than anything I actually possess. (The last debut of my Martha Stewart alter ego was when I decided I was going to become a knitter, purchased all the goods, and after exactly 7.2 minutes promptly decided that knitting was whack and I wasn’t missing anything. In to the closet you go, knitting needle.)

So, ready to see the ever-growing list of projects I plan to DIY?

1. Save the Dates

2. Invitations

3. Programs

4. Menus

5. Escort cards

6. Table numbers

7. Favors

8. Ceremony décor

9. OOT Bags

10. Birdcage veil

11. Vases for reception

12. Wedding Dress

Ok, just kidding on number 12. Wouldn’t wanna get carried away. (HA! I think we passed that point at the first paragraph.)

So what do you think? Can this artistically handicapped gal actually pull all this off…without it being embarrassingly laughable?

(That may or may not be rhetorical.)


Shannon said...

You can do it! I believe in you :) When is this wedding again? We'll be living in Charlotte in a few months, so if you need any help I'd be happy to lend a hand!

Miss Anne said...

I think you're ADORABLE! (and admirable for taking all of that on)

one suggestion?




and btw... the movie? "40-Year Old Virgin"

Lil' Woman said...

I think you can do it.
I'm the same way right now thinking of all the thing I can do myself and save money. Luckily I have a couple good friends and some family that are willing to pitch in too.

for the love of pictures said...

You can do it! Just make a plan and stick to it. I agree with Miss Anne though - start early.

Shoshanah said...

I definitely think you can make it happen! It might take a little planning, but as long as you stick too it, there's no reason why not

JD said...

That's quite a list! Just make sure to budget time for all that and it'll probably be fine!

Have you seen this? It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can, my dear, it is definitely you! Indeed, you will. So, enjoy every moment of the ride along the way and let those creative juices flow!

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