Friday, February 26, 2010

Where to Unleash My Inner Tyra?

When we first got engaged I knew there were some things that I wanted that we probably couldn’t afford. Among those were engagement pictures, a videographer, and a month long honeymoon in Italy. (What? A girl can dream, right?) But I knew our budget wasn’t huge (not tiny either but not Platinum Wedding size) and I’d resigned myself to forgoing these far away dreams.

So imagine my excitement when I first realized that our amazing, wonderful, incredibly talented photographer (who you’ll learn more about later) could actually offer us an engagement shoot at a crazy low price when we booked her for our wedding as well.

I. Was. Thrilled.

And now our scheduled shoot is almost upon us and we have a major problem. We haven’t decided where we want to have them taken. The Boo and I have tossed around a few ideas but are obnoxiously indecisive on this topic for some reason so I turn to you dear readers. Let’s go over some options shall we?

First off, there’s Uptown Charlotte.

(Source for above photos)

We initially decided to move here because of the big city atmosphere and we fell in love with Uptown on our first visit a little over a year ago. The architecture, the streets, the whole vibe of being in the heart of our new city. I dig it. So those are the pros. Now the cons: I really love the skyline at night and I’m not too sure I would be as thrilled if I didn’t get a single shot of the high rises all lit up. Oh or the train station. Like this.


Also, there could be a lot of people out on a Saturday afternoon/early evening so I’m not sure how dorky we might feel. Things to consider, people.

Next, there’s one of the lakes (Lake Wylie or Lake Norman.)

(Source for all above)

These are gorgeous for obvious reasons and there are really no cons other than I’m not sure if our photographer would drive out that far. I bet she would though cause she’s super kick ass.

Finally, there’s your average public park. (This one is actually Freedom Park and not so "average" but let's roll with it.)

(Source for all above)

I’m thinking this could be hit or miss. We might luck out and find some gorgeous nature trails and benches to shoot at. Or there could be 37 young, screaming children running amuck, throwing dirt, and causing utter chaos. You never know.

So which do you think we should choose? Or is there somewhere else I haven’t mentioned that we should check out? Let me have it!


Seasoned with Words said...

I think I have all of the kinks worked out on my blog, but all of my followers were deleted. If you still want to follow my blog, please do! Thanks.

Courtney said...

I'm definitely digging either the Uptown Charlotte or cute park bench pics! The Charlotte ones are definitely very young and hip, but I can also see doing pictures every 10 years or so on the same bench, having those babies framed around a home. So romantic!

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