Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've Been Tiggidy Tagged

...by Courtney! Yay! My very first Meme. I feel so effin special.

Ok so the rules are to take the 6th picture from your 6th album and post it with a little description about it. So here ya go.

This is ReRe. (Yes, we call him that because he's a retard. Doesn't he look like he's marginally handicapped here? Sorry if I offend anyone with my lack of PCness. Tact isn't exactly my forte.)


This picture was taken right before the Boo moved away (but before he was "The Boo". We weren't together just yet. Only friends.) Every Sunday in the weeks before he left, our little group of friends would get together for Sunday Funday. Cook up some good food, hang out and of course get absolutely, completely, inappropriately annihalated.

So here we are in the process of just that. This particular day we made crab cakes with blue crabs The Boo and O-face had caught themselves, along with shrimp kabobs, deviled eggs, pasta salad, brownies, margaritas....The whole nine yards.

And surprisingly, later this same night was the first time The Boo and I ever kissed. From then on we knew we were meant for each other. (Gag. Gross. I know. But it's kinda true. Sorry.)

Ok well that's my story.

Of course you know I'm required to tag four more of you bitches to do this so get to it:

Bumpity Bump (aka Smash)
The Boo


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