Monday, October 13, 2008

Lesson of the Day: I Suck At All Sports

So today's a "holiday" (or at least that's what the bank and my job says) so naturally, I have the day off and this post will likely be brief and erratic.

I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow when I return to my hilariously inconsequential joke of a job. Just bear with me.

In an attempt to make something of the day off, the Boo and I set off in search of a relaxing and somewhat spontaneous day. We made a nice breakfast and watched Sports Center for awhile (naturally). Then headed off to the golf course to practice my immaculate swing on the driving range.

I'll go ahead and summerize my first endeavor into golf with two words. Absolutely humiliating.

I don't think anyone has ever missed the ball more times in consecutive order than I did today. It was embarassing. But I had no clue what I was doing (despite the Boo's attempts to teach me proper form. I mostly just decided I wanted to do it all my own way and then failed miserably.)

Dignity quickly crumbling and ego further tarnished, I decided I was over it and off we were to our next big adventure.


Here I was certain I could prevail, seeing as the Boo has had a slightly arthritic finger (or something of that nature) as of late. Wrong again.

He destroyed me in the first game. We tied an even 111 each in the second game (strange huh?) and I won the third game. So I guess I kind of won something. Kind of.

Plus I don't think anyone can really be a "winner" when wearing two-toned neon flourescent shoes. It's just not a good look for anyone.

Now we're home and about to head over to O-Face's for a few cold beers and dinner while we watch the big Ray's game at Fenway. I'm not a big baseball fan but I can't quite help but to root for the Ray's as not only are they the pride of this inbredish God-forsaken new city of mine, but they've also been donned the "Cinderella" of the MLB.

And c'mon, who doesn't love Cinderella?


Courtney said...

I know I heart Cinderella :)

But no worries, because unless I've got bumpers I RARELY get above a 50 when bowling. That's really sad, I know... but you bet I rock those two-tone neon shoes like the best of 'em! (Meaning no one.)

ANYwho, I totally just tagiggity tagged you for a post thingy! :) Haha so have fun!

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