Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aubrey O'Day Single-Handedly Derails Entire Obama Campaign

So clearly I have no life and/or my job is a complete joke in which I do nothing all day for 8 hours and get paid (Yes, it's menial but it's a paycheck for nothing. Guess I can't complain.)

So because of said joke of a job and a complete absensce of any real work ethic on my part, I've decided to utilize my time wisely and post another nonsense blog. Clearly.

Ready? Here we go!

Ok so Tuesday night one of my favorite shows of all time was on and it was NEW. That's right. Making the Band 4, Season like 28. Anywho, it was great and I loved it as usual but loved it even more at the conclusion of the show. Why you may ask?

*SPOILER ALERT! (But really...if you haven't seen it already, get your shit together and try and keep up. Preesh!)

In a glorious twist of fate DIDDY KICKS AUBREY OUT OF DANITY KANE!!!! Omg!! Yay! Scream! Yell! Hooray! No More Skank! Halleilujah!!

Need I remind you why we hate her so??? Besides the obvious: slut-whore-skank-hobag-piece-of-white-trash-can't-sing-thinks-she's-black thing. See below for further evidence.


Yea. Gross. I know.

I found this pic on Go Fug Yourself which is an awesome site and if you haven't checked it out before you should! Do it. Do it now!

Accompanied with the picture I found this little gem which because it is so eloquently and appropriately written I figured I'd just post it here for you all to enjoy.

"Somewhere, there is an Obama staffer tasked with writing a very tactful email that essentially says, "OH MY GOD CUT IT OUT YOU ARE NOT HELPFUL." Somewhere, there is a hair dresser who is composing a very kind email that still basically reads, "OMG WHEN YOUR ROOTS ARE THIS BAD DON'T WEAR YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT." And somewhere, there is a very small, overly accessorized dog learning to write so that he can leave Aubrey O'Day a note that explains where he's gone and why he's NEVER COMING BACK. "

Haha Great shit. Love it. LOVE IT. Moving on.

In the wake of my intense and never-ending boredom at the aforementioned "job" of mine I've resorted to not only blogging multiple times in one day but also feeding the poor. That's right people. I have a kind soul deep deep beneath this cynical, snarky, sarcastic, self-absorbed exterior.

Case in point. I've spent the entire day on one of my new favorite sites of all time, Free Rice. (Have you noticed how many "favorites of all time" I have recently? I'm not exactly sure how many of those one gets alloted in a lifetime but I like to be extreme. Get over it.)

I found Free Rice awhile ago but had completely forgotten about it until today. Don't ask me how I remembered, I just did. My mind's a crazy, crazy thing like that.

The site allows you to answer vocabulary words in increasing difficulty and for every answer you get right, the site's sponsors donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program to feed starving families and children. Pretty cool huh?? And I'll be damned if it's not freakin' addicting!! So get on it.

Ok I think that's all for now. I'm off to go feed another starving Somali village but I may return later for a Meme or two. Maybe....


Courtney said...

Thanks for your comment! And yes I'm a big fan of Free Rice, I feel like it's a total Win Win situation... I get to feed hungry poor people AND I get to expand my vocab knowledge as well as ease my boredom. Why can't all websites be that good.

McCall said...

Thanks for your comment & adding me to your blogroll.
I think you might have your teams in the wrong order...GA should be your #1! :)
I too am a huge fan of Free Rice...I found it a while back and just love it!

Courtney said...

Hahahahaha amen to that sista! OBAMA NEEDS SHIN KICKS! And thank you also to Aubrey O'Day for showing America what kind of audience Obama is really appealing to... we definitely don't want that kind of man in office!

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