Monday, November 24, 2008

Blissfully Anxious

I feel the need to apologize for the past week in posts. I know they’ve been rushed and half assed and I recognize my suckiness for allowing those to suffice in place of the typical cynically profound posts you all have come to expect from me.

(Profound. Ha!)

So for that I’m sorry.

But I am glad to see that I haven’t lost any of you. My readers, all 10 of you (Yes, that’s right. We’ve added a newcomer! Hi there! Glad to have ya! Take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable.) have been so great in still reading my crap and putting up with me. So thanks again. You guys are the best.

In other news, I’ve been Run-around-Sue all day today. (The Boo likes to call me “Sleep-around-Sue”. As a joke. Obviously. So I’m just making a little play on that affectionate pet name he’s given me to explain my day.)

But really. I feel so accomplished today. Ran lots of errands and took care of a bunch of stuff that I’d been putting off the last few weeks. Yay me!

And after that I got to do something that brought sheer joy to my sarcastic little soul. I went grocery shopping for the Boo and I’s first ever Thanksgiving feast!!! Wandering around the aisles massaging fresh produce and consulting my carefully detailed list I was in absolute heaven.

(I even snuck in the stuff to make a pumpkin pie AND a pecan pie, instead of just one. Oh and ingredients for sharp cheddar cheese and sausage balls for apps. And spinach and ricotta pastries. Shhh.)

And I definitely text the Boo at one point in my ecstasy exclaiming “I’m so freaking excited!!! You have no idea!!!” He of course was oblivious and wrote back “Why?”

What do you mean “Why?” Hello?? Thanksgiving you dum dum.

If it’s not obvious at this point I am a huge nerd when it comes to the holidays and Thanksgiving in particular as it has always been my most favoritest of them all. Screw the presents. Give me more good food and wine.

So now I’m home with all my accoutrement for the feast and I wish Thanksgiving was tomorrow. Honestly. I’m having to resist the urge to go peel potatoes, chop onions, snap green beans, and grate cheese.

So much so that I even went back out the store and bought ingredients to make homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for tonight’s dessert.

Because Thursday just can’t come soon enough.


JD said...

Yeah - I made cider roasted chicken last night. For no apparent reason. I was like - what am I going to do with a whole chicken? It'll take forever to eat.


Anyway, I totally get the excitement.

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