Saturday, January 3, 2009

C is for Crass

We did something so self-gratifying and wonderfully impulsive the other day that I want to jump up and down and scream like a 5 year old.

(But haven’t publicly done so yet because I’m sure it will warrant a tisk tisk from those family members of ours who read this blog and know the dire straits of our fiscal situation. Hello Mom. Dad. Nice of you to stop by.)

But after much rationalization, research, and persuasion (on my part), the Boo and I bought one of these!!!

YAY!!! (Insert crazy Tom Cruise couch jumping here.)

And since we bought a PS3 of course we had to get Madden09 and since we were getting a game largely for the man friend I figured we also needed Guitar Hero for me. What? It’s always good to keep a modicum of fairness in any relationship. That is to say, if you want a long, happy, successful relationship, we better both get what we want.

(Translation: I’m highly likely to throw a fit if I feel there’s a disproportionate balance.)

Needless to say, we’ve spent a lot of the last couple days holed up battling each other, talking shit, and me constantly losing like a 4 year old, throwing a fit, and immediately switching to a different game that I know I can beat him in. (Being a gracious loser has never come smoothly for me.)

(Wow, I sound like a real catch, huh?)

Anyhoodle, we had to pry ourselves from the console last night and make an appearance in the real world. My future MIL (mother-in-law) and her Hubs are in town for a few days and were kind enough to take us to dinner last night.

His mother is a doll and surprisingly likes me just as much as I like her. Score!

However, at one point in the night I may or may not have uttered the C word (and not C U Next Tuesday…the other man C-word that references the twigs and berries). Directly to his mother and step-dad. Several times.

In my defense, I only did so after being instructed, prompted and begged to numerous times by the Boo and his brother (who thought it was just hilarious…and it was) and I was only repeating someone else’s words so it doesn’t really count, right?

And if that doesn’t justify me enough, his moms threw it right back out. Much louder than I. In front of the waiter.

Told you I had one badass future MIL.


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