Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: Worst(ish) Year Ever

Yea, that basically about sums it up.

And just so you know I’m not exaggerating (For once. Yes, I’m well aware of my tendency to do so.) I’ll show you just how unequivocally depressing, horrendous and awful this year has been.

January 1, 2008: Arrested for a DUI. Trust me, sobering up from a New Years Eve night out to wallow in your never-ending singledom and comfort yourself with every form of alcohol ever created in a Duval County jail cell is probably the most hellacious thing on Earth. Plus, grey is soooo not my color. Needless to say, I should have known from that grave foreshadowing that 2008 might not exactly be my year.

March 24, 2008: My cousin unexpectedly dies. Probably the worst pain I’ve felt with regards to losing someone ever. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and wish he could be with us for just one more day. God, sometimes I still can’t even believe that he’s gone…

April 2008: Huge falling out with one of my best friends (at the time). Looking back, not such a loss (except on her part) but it sure made for a lot of unnecessary stress and tears.

January –July 2008: Three trips to court, probation, rehab, MADD classes, Drug and Alcohol classes, Community Service, no license or car and fines out the ass. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I literally had to work 10-12 hour days EVERY SINGLE DAY (serving at a restaurant) to make the money I needed to pay all the excessive fines and classes and still pay rent, insurance on the car I wasn’t using and everything else. Not exactly the greatest few months.

June 2008: Yet another falling out with another close friend. More stress, more tears, no fun.

July 2008: Move to one of the most disgusting god forsaken cities and search endlessly for a job. Become unemployed for one month. Oh yeah, still don’t have my car back because even though I’m off probation I don’t have enough money to pay the $400 to get my license back.

August 2008: Finally get a job. But it’s the worst job imaginable. Mundane work and menial pay surrounded by people who don’t speak English. Not a single soul. 4 days after starting said job, I check myself into the ER for sharp pains in my stomach and other bodily injuries. Incur thousands and thousands of dollars in hospital bills for one days stay and crappy care.

October 2008: Get sent to multiple collection agencies for bills that don’t even belong to me (thank you stupid whore of an ex roommate and your disgusting animals who thought our house was their personal litter box/backyard.) Received bounced check from sucky job. Get laid off 4 days later. Never receive pay for my final 3 weeks of work. Pursue legal action to no avail. Curse the day my former employers were born.

October 2008- Present: Remain unemployed (despite applying for just about every job you could possibly imagine), get by on a shoe string, and reluctantly rely heavily on the Boo for survival. Pray to God that 2009 gets better.

And the lone bright spot in all of this?

January 2008: Meet the Boo.

With any luck, one year from now, my Worst Year Ever will have done a 180 and look a little something like this.

Land amazing six figure job doing something I love.

Get engaged.

Build a gorgeous new house in Charlotte.

Pay off all debts.

Buy a new car/phone/wardrobe.

Begin grad school.

My family, friends, loved ones and I stay healthy, happy and stress free.

Live happily ever after.

What? A girl can dream.


Akirah said...

Dream big! I hope 2009 brings you great joy and blessings (although I'm sure you've learned a lot from the lessons you've learned in 2008). My boyfriend kinda went through a year like that last year, but I have full confidence he'll pull through it all. I think you will too.

Anonymous said...

You know... I don't know one person who had a good year last year... too many people broke up (inc me), too many people lost jobs, got screwed, got ill, and died.

I think last year humbled us a little, and hopefully that experience will make 2009 a brilliantly wicked and excellent year.

Have a super year ahead of you!

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