Thursday, April 2, 2009

If the Boo Wins Top Chef I'm Claiming My Portion of His Reward for Forcing Him Into It

Sometimes I wonder if my inner fat girl pheromones attracted the Boo to me. I mean somewhere up there God had to be thinking “This girl can put the food AWAY. I should probably set her up with a sufficient enabler.”

Er…I mean chef.

You see, I’ve mentioned before that my man can cook however, I don’t think many of you grasp the gravity of that statement. HE. CAN . COOK. (On his own. Without a recipe, measuring cup or assistance in sight. Without making a mess in the kitchen. Ok that’s a lie. He makes a HUGE mess. But it’s always worth it.)

As a sous chef in his previous job the Boo created some amazing nightly specials for an upscale Italian restaurant in our hometown. Since we’re moving and uncovering treasure troves of old shit we recently found an old notebook containing pages and pages of some of his creations during his tenure. In an effort to consolidate trash and rid ourselves of unnecessary luggage, he asked me to transpose the contents of his portfolio into a Word document so we could keep them and toss the notebook.

Now, like I’ve said, I always knew the guy could cook, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t a bit surprised and impressed with some of the dishes I found myself sifting through.

Here’s just a sample of some of his dishes so you can get a feel for what I’m working with…

- Sesame crusted Ahi tuna with tomato coulis and avocado sauce

- Lobster strudel with boursin and shitake finished with a boursin cream sauce

- Rosemary skewered salmon with wild mushroom and mixed green salad tossed in a citrus vinaigrette (skewered on fresh rosemary stems)

- Pineapple-sake glazed oysters accompanied by ginger sautéed vegetables and sticky rice

- Champagne poached oysters accompanied by baby artichoke and smoked bacon salad topped with Tobiko caviar

- Sundried tomato crusted scallops served with a warm wild mushroom and arugula salad topped with crumbled goat cheese

- Oriental duck salad tossed with spring mix, mandarin oranges, and snow peas in a honey-ginger vinaigrette topped with crispy wontons

- Pan roasted sea scallops served over seared foie gras drizzled with a cranberry-balsamic reduction

- Crab stuffed flounder roulade with sticky rice and a mango burre blanc

- Pecan crusted rack of lamb, wild mushroom sauté with truffled sweet potatoes finished with a red wine-bourbon reduction

- Pecan crusted grouper accompanied by cinnamon raisin rice pilaf finished with a lemon-thyme burre blanc

- Grilled halibut accompanied by pecan couscous, vanilla glazed white asparagus finished in a chardonnay butter sauce

- Curried coconut crusted Mahi Mahi accompanied by Basmati rice cakes drizzled with a cucumber yogurt sauce

- Herb-crusted pork loin accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and parmesan roasted fennel finished with a rosemary-mustard sauce

See what I mean?? He’s like my very own Tom Collichio.

And if that’s not enough to make me wanna nail the guy (down) then I don’t know what is.


Melissa said...

I love TopChef.
Men who can cook are sooo sexy.

Texas Belle said...

all i can say is "yum!"

Muppet Soul said...

Bubba's the chef in my house.

I burn microwave popcorn.

insomniaclolita said...

Think I should go to my favorite italian restaurant and seriously hit on the chef. He makes mean desserts, even gave me one for free. AND CRAZY HOT really.:P

Matt said...

I find that, the more of a mess I make is usually in direct porpotion to how delicious the food will taste.

Shannon said...

Sounds delicious! Our two have a thing in common! :)

the gamer's wife said...

Oh you are SO lucky! I have to do ALL the cooking. The only thing my husband knows how to make is macaroni and cheese - haha!

Anonymous said...

That's practically food porn! As if your boyfriend weren't great enough already--now this! I would be a whale if I had those types of food options available on a daily basis.

(P.S. A friend of mine was over last night and checking out the blogs in my reader and couldn't get over how pretty you were. She must have spent at least 30 minutes on your blog and would alternate between laughing hysterically and commenting on how pretty you were!)

Anonymous said...

Must be nice. I'm lucky to get my boyfriend to boil water...

Lil' Woman said...

Big Man is the cook in our house as well but he could not touch the Boo with all those dishes....yumm!!!

Emily said...

Jacqueline - this is seriously the sweetest thing ever. you and your friend are too too kind. thanks for making my day!! :]

Stacie said...

so I FINALLY got around to reading your blog (its been linked to mine since we became friends on 20sb, but I've been so busy, I've been neglecting all these wonderful blogs I want to read)... you are a WONDERFUL writer. And Funny. I STILL love your hair.

My inner fat girl is also my outer fat girl... and I'll be saying Totes ma-gotes all day now.

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