Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If I Didn't Love American Idol So Much My Credit Would Be Atrocious

Is it just me or does anyone else delay the inevitably of paying monthly bills, even when the funds are present, until precipitously close to destitution, eviction, or at the very least, your cable being cut off?

(Actually don’t answer that. I know it’s just me.)

And I have no idea why I do it. Ya see, here’s the thing. I may not have a “job” right now and I may not be pulling in a weekly “paycheck” (I feel the quotes add a certain level of maturity to the situation don’t ya think?) but I always have a way to pay the necessities.

Some way, somehow, every month I turn just enough tricks do just enough freelance work to pull it off. And when the money gets to my account I revel in the illusion of optimism and wealth.

(Delusional? Yes, but I blame that on my parents. Growing up they always told me to use my imagination. They never dreamed it would pave the way for my large capacity for denial.)

Granted I’m more than willing to splurge on happy hour drinks, a night of sushi and Blockbuster or anything else completely irrelevant, unnecessary, and completely ludicrous.

But when it comes to bills? HELL NO. They are NOT getting my money. I greedily horde my meager wages in incarceration until that final day of “grace period” ends. Not until the latest possible day acceptable. Not until that foreboding text from T-Mobile warning me that I am seriously overdue on my balance and will be losing my service in approximately 24 hours.

Only then do I give in. But would it really kill me to just pay it “on time”? Just because I delay paying it doesn’t mean I actually get to KEEP the money. It’s the same as the concept I used to harbor…that if I didn’t SEE the actual bill in my mailbox then I wouldn’t have to PAY it.

(What? Delusional remember? See above.)

I guess there’s just something a little tragic about watching your checking account balance slowly deplete the same day it finally gets past single digits. But apparently this is part of “growing up”? (What is this you speak of? I want no part in it.)

Now excuse me. I’m off to pay my phone bill which is now, coincidentally, 11 days late. I’m such the champion for responsibility, huh?


Kylie said...

I do the exact same thing! Only, right now, I really have no $$ to pay them!! Hopefully that is resolved this week!! So, don't feel bad. I hate to part with my $$ too! IT SUCKS being grown-up!!

Jessica Lee said...

I can NEVER get used to paying other people for services that I believe should be free. I mean, WTF?

insomniaclolita said...

Having money, although you have to use it to pay bills in the end, gives that sense of power. And to see it go to waste to pay phone bills instead of getting a cute pair of shoes makes me sad at times :p

Matt said...

Yes. We are exactly the same in this regard.

I love how some bills give you a 10 day grace and some give you a 15 day. This usually determines the order in which they get paid.

Jenn said...

screw it - no one has good credit right now. :) hang on to that money for as long as you can haha!

Anonymous said...

hahaha upi r not alone i do it esp with my mobile bill. i wait till they call me and i giggle like a school girl and tell them i forgot AGAIN!!!

i jst don't liek seeing the money go to THEM but paying for drinks or buying a new top am ALL FOR IT!!

Miss Anne said...

pay yourself first! ;)


Anonymous said...

What the hell? I don't need this stinkin' phone. Ok, maybe I do.

I usually just pay things the day they're due. No sense in rushing into things.

LiLu said...


I was doing so well ignoring this month's... until I read your post! Hooker!

Sigh. I forgive you. *Logs in to pay bills begrudgingly...*

Allison Blass said...

Bills are actually one thing I can always count on paying. I always make sure I have enough to pay for electricity and cable because I'm paranoid about things getting shut off. For some things, they get automatically deducted, like my gym and my car insurance. Other things I have to pay online, which is helpful. I just like getting that stuff out of the way, because I'd rather know that all the money is free to play with than wonder, "Am I going to have enough left if I buy this shirt?"


Alanna said...

Hah, this is TOO funny. No lies, I have a hydro bill sitting beside me right now waiting to be paid. I logged onto my computer for the explicit purpose of paying this bill. That was over an hour ago now, and the bill remains unpaid. However, I'm all up-to-date with my bloggy friends, and really, which is more important?

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