Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Venue: Part 4

Finally, if you’ve hung around this long then I commend and thank you. I promise this is where I finally make a choice.

It’s funny that we actually ended up picking this place because it was one of the first places we contacted for pricing information after we got engaged. The Boo received an email the same day with a 20 plus page information sheet including prices for everything listed individually (ie. napkins, linens, rentals, etc). Prior to this our brief endeavor into wedding planning had taught us that most all venues don’t itemize the cost out like this but rather just give you a lump sum based on the menu you choose. Soooo (this is where I’m a little embarrassed) we basically got all lazy and indignant and said screw this place. We’re not doing all that math.

(I’m so not kidding. We really had that conversation.)

But after revisiting the pictures and website a few days later I realized I did truly love the site and wanted to figure out how much it would actually cost if I added it all up. I was pretty sure that there was no way we could afford it but 2 sheets of scrap paper, one thoroughly abused calculator, and 20 minutes later I had finished. And…what was this? It was actually in our price range?? HECK YES.

So, I jumped on the computer and rattled off a quick email to the site coordinator and booked an appointment to see the venue. When we showed up for the appointment we arrived a bit early so, after meandering around the grounds for awhile, we decided to wait in one of the lobby/seating areas.

I was already in love. Before I had even seen everything I kept leaning over to the Boo saying things like “See, I can picture us getting married here. I couldn’t everywhere else but I can here. Can’t you?.” (He could of course.) But then those thoughts were quickly followed up by “Oh crap, what if I did the math wrong? We so can’t afford this place. It’s too nice. Damn me and my elementary math skills!”

I was beginning to get a little nervous when our wedding coordinator walked up. She was so sweet and accommodating as she spent over an hour showing us the whole place and describing every thing in detail. I knew before it was over that this was where we would get married. And what is that place you might ask? Pine Island Country Club my friends.

And now I’ll shut up and just show you some pictures cause I know that’s what you want anyway. (Unless you’ve already scrolled past all this and have already jumped ahead to the pictures. In which case I could just say whatever I wanted. Poop. Sasquatch. Monkey butt. Ok on with the show.)

The ballroom where our reception will take place. Don't you just love the big rotunda with the floor to ceiling windows? That's where our dance floor will be. Oh, and the ballroom is actually twice as big as this picture so we'll have plenty of room. In case you were worried!

(This and all other pics taken by yours truly!)

The gorgeous tent with chandelier dimmers where our ceremony will take place.

The winding staircase where I'll make my grand entrance from. Yipee!! :)

Back view of the club from the parking lot. Still pretty.

So there you have it. We’ve put down our deposit and booked the big day and I am so, SO happy with our choice.

Any of you think you couldn’t afford your dream site only to find out later that you were pleasantly mistaken?


Seasoned with Words said...

What a lovely location. :)
Also, this showed up in my reader!

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats girl! !
It looks beautiful!!!!
Your going to be a gorgeous bride walking down those stairs! :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I did not think we would be able to afford our venue at first either. Also, our first pick! Congrats!

Heather said...

Congrats to y'all!!!!!
So pretty :-)

Megan said...

Aw, looks like a great choice!! It's beautiful.

((And the pictures showed up in my google reader))

Shannon said...

OMG, I love it! It's beautiful! And you are going to be a most beautiful bride! I'm so happy you found it. And it showed up in my reader as well :)

Shoshanah said...

I love how the staircase wraps around something that looks almost turret-like. It almost makes it look like a castle.

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