Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it Friday yet?? these last few days have been NUTS!! Let's recap shall we?

  • Friday was a pretty atypical weeknight. Rather than have our ritualized "date night", The Boo and I decided to be good (for once) and go running in the park and cook dinner at home. Although I whined and bitched the majority of the run, it felt good afterwards to be all gross and sweaty. (Maybe I should mention that due to my extremely lazy nature I get a sense of accomplishment from the slightest of things...this being one of them). I mean, I know I'm fat for a reason (while poor diet and lack of exercise are likely the main culprits), I'd rather blame it on karma. I knew one day that the secret mockery I harbored for those larger than my ridiculously small 14 year old frame would one day come back to haunt me. I think it's God's way of punishing me. (Ugh...why did I have to be such a bitch?? Who am I kidding...I still am!) Anywho...
  • Saturday was college football day, duh! Now let me say this...normally, the Boo and I devote Saturdays and Sundays to football and drinking...nothing else. My team of course always dominates!!! (ROLL TIDE!!!)


  • and his poor Buckeyes...well, I try and be supportive but we all know they're not as great as everyone thinks they are. Ha!
  • The day turns into complete drunken debauchery as we pounded our way through 4 sparks, a 12 pack of Miller Lite, a couple Heinekens, and at least half a handle of Captain. It's at this time that we decide it's a good idea for us to continue making drunken fools of ourselves by going out for some guy's birthday whom we both barely know. (Genius huh?? Keep in mind...we're also borderline having to apply for food stamps, file bankruptcy, and pick out a nice box on the corner with optimal traffic to promote my impending foray into solicitation. But as you can see, we know how to budget our money wisely.)
  • Meanwhile, at the club, we polish off that other half a handle of Captain and then decide to finish the night off classy-like with a $110 bottle of Moet. (Can I just say...this was not my best look...nor Boo's. We were both completely shit faced and effectively poor and ended up stumbling/crawling/falling to our car all the while arguing, crying, and occasionally throwing out sexual innuendos. that was gonna happen.) Anyway, moral of the story....we never drink that much again, ever!! (Well not publicly at least.)
  • Sunday (need I say it?) = Recovery Day and the glorious witnessing of our amazing Jags rising from the pitfalls of 0-2 to defeat the arch nemesis that is the Indianapolis Colts!!! It was exciting. It was thrilling. It was terrifying. And I may or may not have had a massive panic attack intermittently dispersed throughout the final quarter. But alas, we rise again!! Can I get a Hallelujah? (Whoever decided that's how you should spell that word should be beat!!)


  • Monday....GOT MY LICENSE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who know me know this was a huge ordeal. It's finally done. I get my car back Saturday. I could NOT be happier about this. Oh yeah...and Prison Break was new tonight. AMAZING!!! I'm obsessed. (And while this may be ok for my 13 year old sister who wants to french kiss Wentworth Miller, it may be slightly odd for me. But whatever.)

Alright, well that's all for now. Gotta get back to stupid work. Blah blah blah... What's that?? You don't pay me to blog for no one all day? Yea well kick rocks! I'm out!


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