Friday, October 3, 2008

Never a dull moment

So it’s finally Friday (thank GOD!!) and I figured I was way overdue for a little blogging. There’s been a lot going on (which I know is so cliché. Everyone says it and nine times out of ten their “a lot going on” is completely comprised of reality shows, grocery shopping and laundry. Now that’s not to say I’m not a fan of the reality tv because God knows that’s not the case but still…you get the point.)

But really…I got my license back last Friday as I mentioned in my last post. Saturday me and the Boo were accompanied by his bff (he hates when I call him that) O-face down to Jacksonville. We chugged Sparks like a bunch of 10th graders the whole way up and met up with my family appropriately tipsy and ready for anything (and trust me, when dealing with my family you really must be ready for ANYTHING. And tipsy).

Little sis (not to be confused with Baby sis) was in town from Chicago so that was great to see her. We all hung out at the house for awhile and then went to watch the Bama Bos (as affectionately referred to by the Boo and his “hilarious” brother) STOMP the ever-living shit out of Georgia. It was great. Although I must say it’s hard to pull against the Bulldogs as they’re my second favorite team…but obviously I can’t go against my Crimson Tide.

While we were at the sports bar watching the game my favorite Sisturkey met up with us and that was A-MAY-ZING!! Love her (even though she was cheering against my boys!)

The next day found us at the Jags game in the blazing heat which I absolutely despise! (It’s f-ing October. Why is it still 87 degrees out? But whatever.) Our team prevailed once again…in overtime. It was panic attack inducing and wonderful. Gotta love football.

So after the game is when the real fun began. It was finally time for me to drive…from Jacksonville to Tampa. Yea, not so fun. Me and the Boo promptly got into our first of several fights that littered the grueling ride home. Him being thoroughly inebriated and me being anxiously paranoid we decided to rely on the GPS to get us home safe and sound.


Within minutes we were completely lost (mind you this is in a city that the two of us have lived in a combined 20 years. You would think we would know our way around a bit. WRONG!) So of course, the constant “TURN RIGHT”….”TURN RIGHT” instructions got old real fast and inevitably resulted in my childish and abrupt brake in the middle of the street, him yelling, me crying, and O-face in the car behind us wondering why the hell we were stopped in the middle of the road.

It was a production.

(Oh and if you haven’t noticed by now…the Boo and I have a very passionate relationship. We love each other dearly and would do anything for each other but sometimes that intensity translates into some pretty heated arguments…usually over nothing of any real substantiality. But whatever. We both know where to draw the line so no one gets their feelings hurt and bottom line is…no one’s going anywhere. We’re in it for the long haul. So GPS fights are bound to happen.)

Meanwhile, 1 truck stop, 2 Mich Ultra mini bottles (consumed by him, not I. I’ve learned my lesson and reformed my ways), 3 mini-panic attacks and 4 hours later, we arrived in Tampa unscathed. It was a near miracle because God knows I was more than terrified driving back in the pitch black dark down an interstate I had never traveled going 80 mph after not having driven for almost a year.

You could say it was an experience.

But we’re back and alive and on to another exciting weekend. I think tomorrow we’ll be heading out to the park for our run and then of course, endless hours of football.

Stay tuned kids. It doesn’t get more exciting than this.

I trick. ;)


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