Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Everything You Never Wanted To Know

As mentioned yesterday, I got some recognition from a couple fellow bloggers. However, as I was largely incapacitated to do much more than whine in bed with my face mask on and nag the Boo for water refills and Excedrin all day, I never got around to doing my part.

But alas, a new day has come (sung like Miss Dion here. Yea, I’m a nerd) and I’m feeling much better. Thanks for asking.

First, I was tagged by BlackLog over at, you guessed it, The BlackLog. So you can thank him for subjecting you to this if it’s totally boring and pointless. (See how I place blame so readily? Yea, I’m good at that.) But if it’s a masterpiece well then, you know, it was totally my idea. (See how I STILL take credit for things that go well?)

Ha. Jokes.

Moving on.

The rules are simple. I have to divulge 8 random facts/habits. Now let’s see if I can do this without making myself sound like a raging alcoholic or someone with a slight multiple personality disorder.

1. Until I was about 17 or so you could always tell when I snuck food in the kitchen. How you may ask? Because I would ever so discreetly dance around the linoleum floor whilst scarfing down whatever I’d gotten my hands on in an attempt to “look normal” and not catch a fat joke from some nosy family member. As many of you know, I danced for 18 years, so in my mind, pirouettes and fouettes in the kitchen while chewing down a mouthful of taco meat were totally inconspicuous. Yea, not so much. They caught on. And quick. And every now and then I’ll catch myself doing mini-arabesques and ron de jambes while hiding in the kitchen picking at leftovers. Because, after all, the Boo was never wise to my devious ways. Until now…damnit.

2. I pull the E brake every time I park. Regardless of whether there is an incline present or not. No matter what. I guess the habits of driving a manual as my first car never went away. The Boo thinks this one is strange. (Go figure.) And he’s usually pretty pissed to find it engaged when he’s been driving for the last 10 seconds wondering why the hell my little Volvo won’t go any faster. Whoops.

3. I must always, always have the volume at an even number. Doesn’t matter if it’s in my car, home stereo, or one of our TVs. If the volume bar shows a number it has to be even. Period. And if it’s not I will freak until you change it. I guess it’s just part of my anal retentiveness rearing its ugly head. (Side Note: One of my old roommates said she had this same disorder except with odd numbers. I could never figure out if she just made it up to mess with me or if it was legitimate. Either way, it caused serious problems on my mental health. And our friendship.)

4. I am obsessed with anything remotely concerning weddings. You just got engaged? Let’s discuss every last detail. Wedding cake shows? Yes, please. Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding, and A Wedding Story? I could watch them all day. And it’s not just the dress or the ring or the honeymoon. It’s everything!! I am overly fascinated with the minutiae of engagements, weddings, and wedding planning. It’s a disorder, I know.

5. Speaking of disorders, I have a phobia of just about everything. The dark, spiders, fire, large animals, heights (somewhat), midgets, clowns…Should I go on?

6. I have over 5000 songs on my iPod, 5 different CD cases overflowing with music and bags and bags of mixtapes. (Yes, TAPES.) But I still don’t think that’s enough. I will never have enough music.

7. I’ve never made lower than a C on anything. And when I did get that rare satisfactory “C” I would cry for hours and hours, berating myself and my intelligence, vowing to never let it happen again. (God, rereading that makes me sound like such a freaking nerd. I’m not gonna lie. Growing up, I was definitely “that” girl. Don’t worry; she’s still with me somewhere. Just minus the glasses, braces, and virginity.)

8. I’ve seen every Sex and the City episode more times than humanly possible. Guaranteed. I’ve watched every episode multiple times, in and out of order. I own the entire series and every bonus disc ever made. And when I finally get the chance to visit New York, you bet your sack I’ll be the first one in line for the Sex and the City tour.

That was surprisingly way harder than I expected but now you know the drill. I’m subjecting 8 more of you to the same torture, er, I mean, task. The rules are:

1) Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3) At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.
4) If you have already been tagged and do not wish to go through the exercise then let the taggee know.

So now I’m tagging:

Ashley - Little Miss Obsessive

Lindsay - Random Thoughts of Mine

Courtney - Courtneyology101

Maxie - I hate so much

Jacqueline - Miss Musing

JD - Shirt or Dress?

Jossie - Ramblings of a Semi-Literate Mind

Ashley - Clever Blog Name Here

Ok, that’s all for one day. I promise I’ll show off my flashy and totally undeserved award tomorrow. Until then, keep it classy, yo.


JD said...

Hey Em - I'm going to do this post over at my personal blog since shirt or dress is so blog specific -



Ashley said...

aww thanks so much for tagging me!!!! This is such a fun one! I've actually done it before a few months back, but thanks for thinking of me! I always love to read and hear what people come up with!! too cute!


BlackLOG said...

Well done a most impressive effort

1) Interesting but potentially messy way of eating.

2) If an e brake is the same as a handbrake most of the UK puts it on when parking. The French don't use them becuase they use bumbers as bumbers qwhen parking

3) That’s just odd or should that be even, so as not to upset you.

4) An interesting fetish just as long as you don't get married 2 more then one person at a time I guess harmless.

5) How do you go out, watch TV function in facts. Do you have a fear of phobias....

6) With you on this although a little ahead of you in that my I[pod has over 20,000 songs which is about 1/3 of my collection. I am musically depressed tonight as I had a concert disaster this evening (possible the worlds worst ever), you will have to tune into the BlackLOG on Monday if you want to get the details. It's still raw so can’t face spilling the beans today, Sob, Sob

7) I'm not sure I ever got more the a C - except In my finals. I hated school and just did not try.

8) Mrs B was obsessed with Sex and the city so watched it twice. I did enjoy it.

Thanks for being a good sport

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