Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a Walking Amy Winehouse Song

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to write for today but honestly, it’s been a rough one for me. (Which should only be indication enough that last night was a success.) I’m still pretty sick on top of the whole hangover deal so just formulating coherent sentences is a big accomplishment for me today.

So instead of posting an embarrassing blow-by-blow of my night as a rock star, I figured I’d save that for another day and just post a bunch of random crap to satisfy my obligation to stupid NaBloPoMo. Oh how I loathe thee.

Did anyone happen to catch SNL on Saturday night? I was more than a little disappointed at how un-funny the skits were especially when I highly anticipated a laugh riot after seeing who was hosting. Paul Rudd anyone? Pretty much one of the funniest guys on the planet. But there was a highlight that definitely made the whole staying up past my sick girl bedtime worth it. Justin Timberlake in a leotard. Need I say more? It was probably the greatest part of my week. Watch it fast before stupid NBC rips it down. Effing tyrants.

In other news, I got a sweet ass award from this girl and was tagged by this guy and I promise I will do/post them both tomorrow. I feel I owe it to them to reciprocate their kindness at another time when I DON’T feel like I’m about to void my intestines from my body.

What? Too far? Well, I don’t care today.


JD said...

Can I just say how ANNOYED I am that I cannot find this clip anymore? I saw it this morning on someone else's blog. And yes, NBC are tyrants!!! Argh. I wish they would post it on their site!!!!

JD said...

This one is HILARIOUS.

Courtney said...

I know I suck at life. I feel especially crappy about not posting because all you cool people are posting fun things for me to read EVERY SINGLE DAY and I can't squeeze out a post every other day, or even every THIRD day. (But I laugh at your slavery to NaBloPoMo! Mwahaha! Nobody owns me!)

Eeek hehe just kidding! Really I'm glad you're posting because duh, you rock and I love reading your stuff. And no worries, talk of "voiding your intestines" is not too far for me. :) Love!

LittleMissObsessive said...

OHHH i'm never going to see it! stupid being totally inebriated to the point of having to be carried to the bathroom to throw all my guts up...oh well

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