Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My ego’s now inflated beyond belief…

Ha. Kidding. But really, I got an award yesterday from Jacqueline and then again today from Joanna.

Thanks ladies. Ya’ll are so wonderful and you have no idea what wonders you’ve done for my confidence in allowing me to now paste this little html code under my “awards” section. (And yes, I’ll most likely paste it twice just so anyone who doesn’t read today’s post knows 2 different people thought I earned it. Kidding. Maybe.) But really. I’m very flattered and probably undeserving but I appreciate it nonetheless.

And so now it’s my turn to pass on the love. I’m giving this award to…

1. Courtney – because she gave me my very first award ever and she’s pretty rad on top of that.
2. Ben - because his posts literally make me piss my pants every single day. And I just love the term "newf." True story.

3. Melanie – because she has such a great way of expressing herself and I look forward to reading her blog every day.

4. Mous – (over at “Busy getting buried alive in this legacy”) cause she’s a bit of a noob and I want her to feel welcome. Plus what she has written so far is great!! Check it out.

Ok now, moving on…

The Boo and I have spent the majority of the day cooking all day in preparation for the big feast tomorrow. And I have to admit, I’ve been a total nerd/nazi about all this cooking and planning and whatnot. I even sat down last night and comprised a two page list of everything that needed to be done, in detail, with time limits and approximations. I even sent it to my mother to get her opinion and she most definitely wrote me back and said “You’re crazy. But it’s adorable” (ie. “My, you never grew out of that awkward nerd stage in which you were an embarrassment to the whole family, did you?") In other words, she thought it was overkill. Whatever, she said it’s adorable and you know it’s true.

Yea, I know. I’m not right in the head. But it’s my first time cooking this huge meal all by myself and I just want to make sure everything comes out perfect. No Griswold family turkey or anything. (Has anyone picked up on how truly obsessed I am with that movie? Because I am. And I think by now it’s more than apparent.)

Anyhoodle. After all our prep work today and yesterday things are looking pretty smooth for the big day tomorrow. I’ve been taking pictures through the whole process so I can have a little picture diary to look back on and remember my first Thanksgiving with the Boo. And if you’re lucky I might even let you guys see some.

Oh and with all this cooking I’ve been doing recently I realized I don’t have an apron. Thus I’m suddenly compelled to crave one and I think I’ve found the perfect one.

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever? It’s from Jessie Steele and she’s got tons of cute, affordable vintage aprons so go check em out and if you’re in the giving spirit you can go ahead and purchase mine as an early Christmas present. For me, of course. Ha. Kidding. (I mean, unless you really wanna buy it for me and then, hey, who am I to stop you? Go for it!)

Ok, so I think that’s about it. Other than forcing the Boo to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials and lame Christmas movies, buy some smelly candles for the house and engage in other cheesy holiday rituals for my benefit nothing else is new.

I think I’ll make another Christmas mix just to push my luck.



Ben said...

Thank you so very much :)

Please don't charge me for the underwear fees.

LittleMissObsessive said...

I love Jessie Steele aprons!! You saw mine in my wish list post?

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