Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Post Just Exascerbated My Annoyance...Times Twelve

I’ve come to realize over the course of, well, my life, that I may be a bit starved in the patience department. I can become annoyed over anything. And I do mean ANYTHING.

(Ugh. That alone kind of annoys me. I annoy me.)

The dogs’ constant, incessant licking of the carpet/pillows/couch/comforter drives me up a wall!!! Enough already. Asia just does it to piss me off, I’m convinced. But Chloe always gives me these big puppy dog eyes (yea, could she be any more stereotypical?) and it makes me feel like a bitch for snapping at her. But I can’t help it. The sound is annoying. The feel of wet carpet/couch/blanket is annoying. I have to be mean mommy every now and then.

Being put on hold. (Or no one bothering to ever answer the phone in the first place.) Hello?? You are a f*cking company!! Shouldn’t your motto be “the customer is always right” and all that shit? Shouldn’t you actually answer your phone once in awhile? Or at least have a voicemail I can yell, degrade and scream obscenities into? (It’s annoying me just thinking about it. Big surprise.)

Ignorance. I think this can be an umbrella clause for which I can place many other annoyances under including, but by no means limited to, people who can’t drive, people who can’t speak proper English in a job that requires them to do so, inefficiency in any aspect, the list goes on.

People who breathe loudly through their nose. I don’t know how to explain it but if you’ve heard it then you know. You KNOW. It’s plagued me since childhood and I don’t think it’s anything I’ll ever be able to compromise on.

People who use any of these words. (And I’ve thought of others, no doubt, since I posted the initial list including “scrumptious” and the phrase “the proof is in the pudding.” Ugh. Is that not the grossest, most irritating term EVER??)

Stupid fights over what to have for dinner. Seriously. If every other relationship doesn’t face this problem on a semi-weekly basis then I’ll be astounded. But seriously, does it really require a 25 minute back and forth indecisive debate just to decide on what to eat?? Really?? I think not. (I should note here that it has been awhile since the Boo and I have had one of these. Which in all likelihood simply means we’re due for one any day now. I’ll probably be blogging about it tomorrow.)

So as you can see there’s not much that doesn’t annoy me these days. I know part of it is because that’s just how I’ve always been (blame my Pops’s genes for that) but it’s also partly because I’m a girl and I'm stressed.

Or maybe I just need to get laid.

Where’s the Boo?


LittleMissObsessive said...

I love the last line.."or maybe i need to get laid..where's the boo" haha good one!

JD said...

Why does being patient take so long?

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