Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yea, I'm a Thief

I stole this idea from the oh so witty Tia over at Clever Girl Goes Blog (love her!).

(That plus I needed an easy post for this NaBloPoMo crap. Is it almost over?)

So I'm declaring today Delurking Day!!

Any of you out there that read my blog and haven't commented yet should do so today. (I highly doubt there are any of you even out there but I'm hoping someone saves my fragile ego and proves me wrong. But again, I'm cynical.)

And if you've already commented before I'd still like to hear from you. Know that you're still out there and not sick of me and my shenanigans. Yet.

Because really, I do appreciate all of you who take precious time out of your day to read whatever ridiculous and insignificant things I have to say. Really. It means the world to me and you will never know just how much.

So delurk, or continue in your delurking, and leave me some love.

Because you know I really do luv you all. (And that's with a "u" cause well, let's be honest. I don't know you that well.)

Jokes :]


LittleMissObsessive said...

Delurking??? I had never heard of this until now..where do you find this stuff!!! lol

Maxie said...

Hola! I'm delurking :-)

BlackLOG said...

LMP - Can I say you would make a lousy burglar. Leaving a signed sorry note at the scene of your crime is hardly the work of the De Facto Master Criminal. Did I see you on one of those crime programs robbing a bank while wearing a crash helmet with your name emblazoned across the front.....

I see CGGB gets a Love with an "O" - seems like everything that she does turns to gold. I do hope she gets a book deal soon to give the rest of us bloggers a chance

Emily said...

LMO - Delurking: the opposite of "lurking", ya know, on other people's pages...reading their shit. Get with the program, yo! :]

Maxie - Um, can I just say I'm more than a little flattered to know that you read my lame ol shit. Love, love, love your blog. And would you rather Wednesday. I think I may have a slight girl crush on you! ;) But really, you're great! Thanks for reading!!

blacklog - I know. I really would be the world's worst criminal ever. I'd be more preoccupied with the potential fame of getting caught then with the actual proper execution!


5STRONG said...

is peeking in to say hello. I adore your blog. Thanks for sharing.

JD said...

Delurk. I. LOVE. IT.

Emily said...

Thanks ladies!! You guys rock!! :]

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