Saturday, November 15, 2008

Woe is Me

I’m sick.

Stuffy nose, congested head, heavy eyes, license to whine all day kinda sick.

And it sucks. Especially because the Boo and I are about to leave on our super secret weekend getaway. We’re supposed to be relaxing and taking a break from everything. Reveling in our utter rebellion and oblivion as we escape the real world for a few days and just relax.

But it seems my cold wants to come along for the ride. Wonderful.

I’m gonna try and be a trooper and suck it up but I’m not sure how that will pan out. Woe is me.

Oh and here’s an edit to yesterday’s post. For added emphasis, I present to you the Boo’s battle wound. Doesn’t look nearly as bad as it is in real life because I took it on my crappy Blackberry and the lighting was bad but you get the point.

But how adorable are those eyes?? LOVE them. (And yes, I realize he looks like he has no eyelashes but I swear he does. And they’re super long and gorgeous and I’m jealous. But again, crappy phone pic = deceivingly morphed pic. Deal with it.)

EDIT: See?? The eyelashes?? I wasn't lying. Oh and don't mind the hand pressing against the Boo's face. Just some dumb girl trying to ruin our picture. She wanted his D and had real immature ways of showing it. But back to the pic. It's super old (before we were even together) but I love it and I think it proves my point. Ok. Done.

Hope ya’ll are havin a great weekend.


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