Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Arbitrariness...Did I Spell That Right?

A few things….

1. I am dreading Christmas. I have no money and my creativity seems to be zapped. I can’t seem to come up with anything to give anyone (and moreover, no money with which to get them anything.) SO obviously I am beyond stressed. I know it’s not about the money but the thought that counts, blah, blah. But I seriously have nothing, NOTHING to give. My family and the Boo deserve so much more than some lame ass homemade mixed cd or another “heartfelt” poem but the money is not there to spend. Actually, there’s literally no money there. So here in lies my problem. For the family and the boyfriend who deserve the world, how do I give them something to show my gratitude and love without being completely lame or uninventive and spending hardly any money?? I know it’s probably a shot in hell but any ideas would help.

2. By some miracle I managed to kick some serious ass all season long and finagle my way through my first playoff game in my fantasy football league. No really, look.

I’m the only girl left and I’m headed to the semi-finals. Where I have to go head to head against….the Boo. Yea, the tension in the house this week is palpable. Jokes. But really, I wanna kick his ass. He was one of my only 3 losses all year in my quest for total domination and I feel it’s only fair that I return the favor. Dontcha think?

3. Check this link. It made me laugh and you know you’re curious.
Hint: It involves Guidos and spray tans. Yea, you’re gonna look.


JD said...

Duh! Homemade Coupon Books for the parents and a romantic home cooked meal for Boo.

Lindsay said...

So, this idea may be tres homo but it's cheap and people generally enjoy it. You could try making fudge or some sort of candy (or cookies) and give them to your family and friends in a nice Christmas tin or something. Maybe you could write a little cute Christmas poem and attach it to the tin with ribbon or something. Just an idea...hope it helps!

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