Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bittersweet is Never Quite as Good as Semisweet

So tomorrow is a bittersweet day.

Sweet because I get to see my family who I haven’t seen in a long time.

Bitter because I’m leaving the Boo behind.

Sweet because it will finally be Christmas Eve and then Christmas day.

Bitter because the Boo won’t be there to share any of it.

I know I shouldn’t complain. I will see him shortly after and I’m sure my family will keep me more than occupied but still, I won’t feel complete with him gone. Cheesy, I know. But true.

So today the Boo and I did our own little Christmas. We sat under the tree and took pictures of each other with bows on our head and wrapping paper tents over the dogs. We laughed and cried and hugged and kissed and love poured through it all.

I won’t ruin the surprise now and tell you what he gave me. (I’d rather leave you in suspense for a few days longer.)

All I’ll say for now is that I have found one amazing man. His love is endless, his passion is infectious, and his selflessness is inspirational. I have been blessed with so much already and on top of it all, he comes bearing gifts. What could be better than that??

Now it’s time to clean up the remnants of our first Christmas, pack up my things and prepare for my long (4 hour) journey alone. I know it won’t be so bad. I have a loving family waiting for me when I get there and an amazing man following me two days later.

Just pray I don’t pull a teen movie inspired sob fest on the first few minutes on the road and wreck my car. That would SO be my luck.

**Also, I am pleased to inform you all that yours truly has achieved ultimate greatness in the form of a fantasy football league championship. That’s right. I defeated 12 men (including the Boo) and 1 girl through 16 weeks of rigorous competition to make it to the Super Bowl and WIN. As mentioned earlier, the three contenders I faced in the playoffs and the Super Bowl were the only three I lost to in regular season. And in a classic case of Karmic Retribution, I rose from the ashes to enact revenge on all three and reign victorious. I’d like to thank Baby Jesus and Phillip Rivers for carrying me through and aiding me in my quest for total domination. And now, behold my greatest life achievement (well, sort of). I give to you, the 2008 Tropical Bowl Fantasy Football League Champion…..ME!!! Oh yea, and the Boo got third. (Yay, Boo. But you’ll never be as good as me!! Kiss kiss. Love ya.)


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