Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So I Fell Off the Face of the Earth


Not that anyone missed me because I’m sure everyone else has been similarly engrossed in holiday duties, obligations, and all-around misery. (I trick.) But really, who can honestly find time to post during such an excruciating onslaught of familial obligations, stress-laden expectations and the all-around suicide inducing stress that the holidays seem to exemplify?

Oh, everyone else? All of you found time to blog? Very well then. Thanks for making me look bad. Assholes.

As for me, I could channel my inner 12 year old and write this post diary style, chronologuing the every minutiae of each missed day but since that’s super lame and I most certainly am not, I’ll just give you the highlights.

And by highlights I mean brag about what I got for Christmas.

We’ll start with the Boo. Seeing as we didn’t exactly spend Christmas day together (more on that later) we did our gift exchanging a bit early. Now let me preface the revealing by saying this. The Boo was completely unaware of my conspiratorial abilities. After several conversations and sob-fests about my lack of money/job/creativity, I told him I would not be able to do anything for anyone this Christmas. I reassured him several times that because of this I would need nothing in return either.

(When in all actuality, every girl knows when they say “No please don’t get me anything” it really translates to “I won’t explicitly say what I’d like but I hope you’ve picked up on the open catalogues, magazines, web pages, and perfume samples I’ve left scattered around the house. [Discreetly of course, like on your pillow, in your wallet and the underside of the toilet lid.] And you sure as hell better take a hint and get me at least one if not all of those things or you’ll be paying for the next year. “ Ya know, something like that. Duh.)

Well, apparently the Boo really believed the first part without analyzing the text into true translation and had thus decided that a few small gifts would suffice. I wasn’t getting him anything so his little gifts would still be better than what I could offer and he’d come out on top.


He clearly has not been with me long enough if he doesn’t realize my completely neurotic and unrealistic propensity to spend money I don’t have to buy presents for people I love. What? I’m a giver. And as irrational as a characteristic as it may be (particularly in this instance) I highly doubt that it will change.

Long story short, two days before gift exchange comes and he has yet to buy me anything and on top of that discovers that I’ve not only spent money I wasn’t supposed to but lots of it.

So he rushed out and got me a 100 dollar gift card to here and a 50 dollar gift card to here and professed that they were lame and thoughtless but whatever, I love them nonetheless.

God forbid the man try and pick out any clothes for me on his own. That could have been catastrophic. Crisis averted.

But despite his best efforts to down play his gifts he did get me some kick ass stuff. Like this bag (except black), the Sex and the City movie (wahoo!!!), the Harijuku Lovers G perfume pictured below, and then the big one.

I got a gorgeous heart necklace from Swarovski. White gold chain with a large heart covered in tiny Swarovski crystals and a smaller heart inside the larger one with one big crystal in the center. (Hard to explain but gorgeous. I looked for a picture…mostly to see how much it cost, not just to show here…but to no avail. But trust me, he did great.)

He told me it was so I could have his heart with me always.

I cried. And fought the urge to quote Edward’s note to Bella ala “Eclipse”.

So needless to say he did good. And turns out, he missed me so much after one night apart, he haggled with the hotel companies and switched the rooms around, paid even more money and drove up to see me just before Christmas night was over. (Aww. Gag. I know. Sorry.)

The folks and little siblings did excellent in their gift choices as well. I got the cute new red shoes I wanted, a couple new shirts from an adorable Chicago boutique (thanks Britt), lots and lots of new Supermodel perfume, another new bag, Stepbrothers movie, lots of sweet ass books, stuff for the house, and of course, the water bottle I wanted. Plus more that I can’t remember. (Sorry guys.)

Suffice it to say that it was a good Christmas after all. Now it’s time to get ready for the big night out.

I’ve got a sexy new little black dress, hot new shoes, and an amazing man to kiss me at midnight.
Here’s hoping this New Years is nothing like last years (and by “last years”, I mean, I hope I don’t end up cuffed in the back of squad car on the way downtown for an overnight stay….again.)



The Odd Duck said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great break Emily, welcome back.

Enjoy your New Year's.

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