Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite Things

In keeping with the season and in my constant pursuit to epitomize all things Oprah, I have compiled my own Favorite Things list.

(Don’t lie. We all know that hands down the greatest episode all year from Ms. Winfrey is her Favorite Things show in which she gives away houses and boats and million dollar body lotion to everyone in her audience. [Insert obvious Dane Cook joke here.])

I figured I’d make my own (except minus the whole fun of actually distributing them to a studio audience) and I tried to make sure the majority of them were either so cheap I could buy them for myself or so over the top that no one would ever think of buying them for me thus thwarting any attempt on the part of the Boo or my family to actually buy me a present. (MUAHAHAHA. Genius, I know.)

Let us commence.


Obviously I want this. Why? Because my old crusty Blackberry Pearl sucks the big one and I seriously crave all the cool apps and addictive little gadgets that you can add to it. Buy obviously, I’ll never get it because crusty T-Mobile doesn’t carry it and well, I just don’t have the money right now to break a contract, buy a 400 dollar phone and start a new plan. Damn you Steve Jobs for never letting me by satisfied.


This one sucks because the Boo actually used to have a Wii shortly before we started dating. But he never played it and sold it to a friend for 100 bones. Now, we both want it back but obviously that would require buying a whole new console and games which just seems so expensive considering there was already money spent on one. Too bad we’re not still 4 year old “Indian givers” who can just snatch back our gifts to others in a moment of reconsideration. Le sigh.


To go with aforementioned video game console. However, similar situation with this one. I actually owned one. My old roommate was a huge ball o douche and stole it. I refuse to spend money on yet another. But still I kick A at this game and want the chance to kick the Boo’s all over the place while he stands in awe of my serious skills. Ahh what a conundrum.


These are fabulous. Love, love, love them!! But obviously will probably never get them. I hate being poor. Ugh.


These would do as well. Or any other bright colored pointy toe shoes. Yellow, green, zebra striped. I love them all. I know their soo last season but I don’t care. I’m not the fashion major, my sister is.


Someone in our neighborhood recently stole ALL of my panties out of the dryer when they were being washed. Close to 40 of them to be exact. Gross I know. So now they obviously need to be replaced. Whack I know. Charlotte Russe would work as well since Victoria’s Secret tends to be pretty pricey. God I’ve turned cheap in my older years, huh?


DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you couldn’t guess this, you don’t know me at ALL.


This Camelbak Water Bottle is super cute and super cheap. I figure I should get a nice reusable one for my runs and workouts. You know, save the environment and all that jazz. (SIDE NOTE: We’ve recently switched to Brita to save on all those plastic bottles from bottled water and we’re totally digging it.)


Smelly good perfume. Love it. I can never have enough.

And of course lots of clothes, jewelry, and maybe a new car. The usual.

(Hey, I never said this list was practical.)


Courtney said...


hahaha LOVE!

LittleMissObsessive said...

I love that Dane Cook stand up :) good list! I want all of the same! :) Although I will never give up on my blackberry..just get me the new touch screen Storm!!

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