Friday, January 30, 2009

Potayto, Potahto

So I’ve dialed up the crazy a few notches over the past couple days (big surprise, eh?) and I’m thinking the Boo should go ahead and just propose to me already.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

I want to get married in October (I love the fall and it’s always been my dream to get married in a month with no holidays that could possibly supersede the enormousness that is MY day. I mean our day. Whatever. ) And I must be engaged for at least a year in order to plan and arrange everything properly. Gotta book the venues, find the dress, save tons and tons of money so everything can be perfect. You know I want the works.

*Side note: Totally just snapped at the Boo for interrupting my train of thought. (Sorry love.) He’ll thank me later.

Anyhoodle, of course, I’ve always thought that the sooner the better as far as a proposal goes. I mean, I figure, once you’ve finally waded through all the bullshit of dating and falling in love (for the first time) and finally found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with , you want the rest of your life to start right now!

(Ok, I totally just stole that line from When Harry Met Sally. Don’t judge me.)

And it’s not only me. Everyone else seems to know it too. You remember when his mom said he should get me an engagement ring for Christmas right? Well, when she came to visit us right after the holidays she was interrogating the Boo about our inevitable wedding and when he told her the date we had in mind (October 16, 2010) she was shocked and asked why so far away?

See? SEE?!?!?! I’m a catch!! (Ha!! Right. I highly doubt it has anything to do with me being the shit – even though I am- so much as it’s just his mother’s wish to see him settle down and get married already. He’s not that old (29) but he seems to think he’s on death's bed and about to check out before he hits 40. Drama queen.)

But…I’ll take what I can get.

Plus, now it seems like I’ve got his younger brother on my side. They’re only 2 years apart and pretty much BFF so his opinion holds a lot of weight with the Boo. Needless to say, I was practically squealing on the inside when I heard that his brother (out of nowhere) told him that we should “just get married already” and that the Boo is “not getting any younger.” Sweet.

And then of course, there’s my family (namely my mother) who is pining away for an announcement. So if you’re keeping score (and you know I am) that’s like 4 on Team Kickass (Mine) and 1 on Team Sucksalot (the Boo).

Maybe I should put together a PowerPoint presentation to persuade the Boo. . .and I could use this picture as the background for each slide.

(Note the fact that the photo is centered largely on yours truly lest we should forget, it’s always all about me.)

I’m thinking he’ll blow me off and call me delusional. Mehh…what he calls delusional I call pro-active.


Jacqueline said...

You are hysterical (the Powerpoint and Team Sucksalot! haha!)

That picture of you two is adorable (and I'm totally jealous of your cleavage!)

margarita777 said...

So I'm totally in the same boat as you... we have a "date" July 10, 2010... but NO GODAMN RING. ARGH.

Miss Anne said...

I think a presentation including a laser pointer, power point, hand outs, and perhaps even some Q & A (and maybe some T & A too) would be quite beneficial, especially if he's analytical! :)

YOU my dear are adorable.


The Passionate Book Worm said...

adorable picture! I'm voting for powerpoint presentation!

Emmie said...

aw lovely photo u too are just gorjus together!

Lil' Woman said...

lol...your too funny..i love reading your blog, it's my entertainment for the day.
-def. present a power point that will be hilarious!
- and I have to agree with jacqueline I'm totally jealous of the cleavage, if you put that on the background of each slide, he'll just be soo mesmerized by the ta-ta's he'll just give in and propose! :)

jenziebenzie said...

For some reason my mind just flashed to Kate Hudson's character in Bride Wars, ha great movie...and I concur with Jacqueline about the cleavage envy.

Kelly Marie said...

I am on your team! I agree with Miss Anne...throw in a report and some hand outs -- maybe some baked goods...he won't know what hit him.

Kelly Marie said...

P.S. I tagged you in my post (if you want to do it!)

So@24 said...

You stole that line because it's one of the best parts in that movie.

Payper in my pap-ee-kash is up there too

Texas Belle said...

I'm with you - he needs to hurry! Your power point presentation sounds like it could be a hit. LOL October is a fabulous month for weddings! Good luck!

Krystal said...

so funny!

Wendy said...

I'm totally on Team Kickass! He needs to propose already.

A powerpoint presentation will totally win him. :)

TOPolk said...

Come on hun, you're from the should know that October marriages are a no go. That's prime college football season.

Rachel said...

lol! Your future in-law sounds awesome.

I love October. I've always wanted to get married then too.

Socially Conscious Darling said...

OMG that was hilarious! Go Team Kickass!

Emily said...

jaqueline - haha why thank you dollface. but really it's just that the fat has no where else to go and thus claims stake in my boobs. not so sexy then, huh?

margarita - ughhh. i know right? what is with these boys??

miss anne - oooh yes. laser point and handouts. hadn't thought of that but i'll definitely be incorporating them into my presentation now. haha

book worm - aw shucks. thanks! :]

emmie - really, you guys should stop cause you're only helping in inflating my ego even further. haha jokes. (maybe.)

lil woman - you know, you would think that but i'm pretty sure he's so immune to the twins by now that they don't warrant that same hypnotized look anymore. sigh.

jenziebenzie - even though kate hudson was a tad nuts in that movie, she is still pretty hot so i'll take that as a compliment. lol

kelly marie - baked goods? fuck yea! why didn't i think of that earlier?? oh yeah, that's what i have you guys for. lol and i saw the tag. i'll be on that very soon. thank ya ma'am.

so@24 - oh you know it! well, that and the whole diner scene...but i don't know if you could necessarily call what meg ryan's doing a "line" per se.

texas belle - i know. i just love the idea of perfect weather and outdoor weddings. ah-may-zing.

krystal - grassy ass.

wendy - haha hell yes!! btw, he was so heart-broken when he found out he was team sucksalot. maybe the childlike name calling will be what it takes to push him over the edge.

topolk - i know, i know..and we legitamately discussed this at length when picking the date. but i figured we could make ONE exception.

rachel - yea, his family is pretty swell. i guess i lucked out in that department.

socially conscious darling - hell yea!! down with team sucksalot!! VIVA TEAM KICKASS!! :]

bFlat said...

Love it! Let me know how the powerpoint goes. I might have to whip that out on Boyfriend before too long.

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